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- adjective

- phoenetic pronunciation: dreem-sik

- dreamsick is a condition describing a person experiencing a depressed or melancholy feeling after waking, caused by leftover memories created in REM sleep.

- Other Symptoms: A person currently suffering from dreamsickness will often appear despondent or dejected and exhibit varying levels of lowered responsiveness to external stimuli.

- Related Forms: dreamsick-ness noun

- Origin/Notable Etymology: The term can be traced to Central Florida and has been frequently used and popularized by the band, dreamsick threnody.
- Usage:

"Dude, I slept 14 hours and now i'm so friggin dreamsick i have no idea what's going on."

"Ever since my friend got dumped, he walks around looking all lame and dreamsick."

"I've been having these crazy nightmares lately... it's killing me... every morning I'm dreamsick for hours before I finally comprehend reality again."

"For me, waking up on the beach alone always means a dreamsick walk home."
by di0theDestroyer December 06, 2011
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