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n. the combination of drano and aluminum foil balls in order to create a chemical reaction, that when placed inside a pop bottle, will explode and cause your face to burn off.
Damn Bill, where'd your face go? Oh you made a Drano Bomb. Damn, 3rd degree burns? You're a freak.
by Bill May 28, 2003
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Something to make when bored. You will get addicted after you make the first one, and try to find ways to make it bigger and better.
A: Hey, what are you doing now?
B: Nothing.
A: Do you want to go make a drano bomb near sunny slopes.
B: Isn't that close to the police station.
A: Who cares?
B: Sure!
by Stizzz May 02, 2007
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Put commercal toilet cleaner with aluminum in a bottle. will blow up im 3 secs after cap is closed. ***warning will blind you!!!***
by Anonymous August 16, 2003
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