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One who is obsessed with drama. Particularly one who watches tv and enjoys dramatic situations more than happy ones. Similar to soap-opera-lover, except restricted to shows that don't suck.
"I hate it when characters die in shows. Don't you?"
"Not really. It'd be way too boring if everyone lived. I say kill 'em!"
"Well aren't you a sick bastard."
"Yep, I'm a dramaphile."
by RuleNo2 June 09, 2008
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Someone who always seems to be caught up in, making, or attracting drama. They like to stir things up -- by starting rumors or just feeding the fire.

This might be someone who makes you want to watch your back, or just fun to laugh about because of the ridiculousness. Whenever a dramaphile comes around, to be sure some drama is soon to follow.
Man, D'Angelo is SUCH a dramaphile. Today at the donut shop he somehow turned Krispy Kreme into a Krispy Scene.
by *jp* March 15, 2009
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