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A person who stores things to make drama about, much like a camel stores water in its hump.
"Does Colleen ever run out of things to complain about?"

"Of course not, she's a drama-dary."
by J. Prussel October 23, 2006
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1. A portmanteau of the words "drama" & "dromedary", humorous in invention. Used to suggest a person who has the apathetic, flat affect of a camel; yet continually causes recurring drama sandstorms in their immediate vicinity in order to feel better about their lowly station in life.
Erek: "Did the drama-dary text you about me?"
Evan: "Yeah, she was playing it off like it was nothing, but kept texting about the shit for two hours. Mixed signals and head games, my friend."
by HumanBlade May 29, 2012
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