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A term that refers to an individual or group of individuals that become dramatic easily, typically for the sake of getting attention. Seen mostly in high school students, college couples, and Protestants.
Davo: Whaaa! Everyone keeps coming into my room, my Mexican roommate masturbates hourly, everyone thinks I'm a flagpole sitter, Postal 2 is ripping my soul apart, I spilled my pooding, Pumster keeps leaving dirty messages on my Post-It Notes, I need me some peach ring action, some Catholic keeps giving me the finger in crapel, my girlfriend won't stop pinching me, I have too much school work, summer vacation is too far away, and I'm, pardon me, effin tired! Whaaa!!
Luis: Whoa, don't launch a drama rocket, holmes!
by HugeBreasticle March 31, 2005
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