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when somebody is completely obsessed with the character Doctor Horrible played by Neil Patrick Harris in"Dr.Horrible's sing along blog", to the point of modding a game character to look like them as well as making quotes to the video on more than a regular basis. the only cure to this is to slap (or kick in balls if male) the obsessive person for every time that person makes a quote or mentions it more than 1 time per day every day until they stop mentioning all together.
person 1"hey dude did you see the horse race last night"
person 2"yeah man.... BAD HORSE, bad horse, bad horse"ect
person 1"dude you should really find a cure for your dr.horrible disease"
person 1"watcha doing?"
person 2"well im making my minecraft character look like dr. horrible"
by Pissing Minotaur March 24, 2011
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