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(adj.) exclamatory. refers to someone who prefers the prick-wad and/or "cunt-faced motherfucker" approach to life. Similar to a dousche bag, but more rigid. Refers to someone who deserves a swift stabbing in the throat. (often complimented with a following "motherfucker")
john: "that dousche box motherfucker just threw a carrot stick at me!"

pepe: "what a motherfucking dousche box."
by john decoursizzle October 15, 2005
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Pron: Do-ssh-box douschebox : a term to describe a male or female who deserves a stronger verbal checking than a regular doushebag allows. Typically used when referring Hollywood MTV celebutards. SOURCE OF TERM: Spencer Pratt.
Spencer Pratt - he's a douschebox.
by Sir Pabz October 15, 2007
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