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A contraction of the words douch bag and pucillo. Douch bag refering to the derogotory term applied to anybody who is extremely gay and/or annoying, having the name bradly spearow/patty snyder/anne langer/john kerry/bill clinton/al gore/brandons gma/etc..., homosexual, liberal, tree hugger, finch fuckers, basketball players, and latin/african americans(especially mexicans)(a.k.a. niggers/niggas). And pucillo refering to the unbelievably flaming homosexual engineering teacher at JPT high, where the "P" does not stand for pride, who gives out gay project after gay project after gay project after gay project etc...
Student 1: HOLY FUCK MAN!!! douchillo gave out another dumbass project, im gonna fail that class
Student 2: Damn shun he needs to stop gettin "F"ed in the "A" by Mr. Ackerman while the lady with the ass crack on her head watches nd start givin us some movies to watch while we get high in class
Student 1: Yea that would be exclusive
Student 2: Tru
Random Stoner: Word
by G-UNIT December 06, 2004
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