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1) A person or a reference to person(s) known to be a part of a collective of douche bags. Referencing the term douche bags to those individuals specifically seeking recreational use cocaine.
2) An individual associated with Sir Douchington, Douchasaurous-Rex or Admiral D-Bag.
3) The alternate name of Pedro in the little known Super Hero comic "I am NOT BATMAN" - referencing the alternate identity of the superhero "Doucherella" who is born when Pedro (the side-kick of the hero Senior Bruce No Esta or SENB) consumes or seeks cocaine. Known for the super power of being a cocaine fiend with the power of fiending (wanting more cocaine).
1) Adam, did you just do that entire teener? Christ, you're as bad as Doucherella.
2) John, quit giving Doucherella over there so much coke.
3) Hey Doucherella, what the @*!! are you doing over there with Admiral D-Bag, Sir Douchington and that Douchasaurous-Rex?
by Atmos Blueshit March 16, 2008
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