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A highly parents-subsidised pretentious paris-hilton-girl with a constant need for attention, negative or positive. The easiest way to get attention for her is to play guys by acting as if she was super-interested in them, while in fact just looking for attention. She is unable to maintain a healthy relationship to the opposite sex, constantly chasing for new guys to mess with and will never stop teasing them. When going out she dresses in a slutty way to maximise the level of attention she gets, trying to attract guys to sexploit or to play with. She tries to lower her victims self-esteem by constant negging and showing off to make her feel better about herself.

She wears expensive cloths/bags/sunglasses/etc, defines herself by other’s material possessions and by the people she got to know during her attention-whore adventures. Though materially well-equipped by birth, she tries to be even "better" than she really is, e.g. by pretending to live in cool cities like London, though this is not true in reality.
Douchegirls should be avoided at all costs by any guy as they just live to try to fuck them over for attention. They pretend to be the happiest girls on the planet, while in fact being among the most empty people on the planet. They tend to be of average intelligence, trying to appear smart in an equally pretentious way as they behave in other parts of their lives. Never get impressed by a douchegirl, as there is nothing behind her ego but emptiness and hot air.
Tall blonde girl neglected by her parents, chasing after guys in clubs.

Typical douchegirl blabla:

To guy: "Say hi to another guy's name for me"
To anyone: -"I had gadget, e.g. blackberry before it was cool"
-"I am friends with all the guys"
-"Most of my friends are guys"
To show off how exclusive she is: "I crashed a guy's Posche Cayenne Turbo S cause I was wearing heels."
To emasculate a guy not acting 100% tough: "Wanna cry?" or "guy's name is quite useless" or any other neg
Complaining: "All the guys are hitting on me" wearing a skirt which could be confused for a belt
by formonkeys January 11, 2011
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