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Those $400 segways without the handle that all viners have that make you like the the absolute biggest fuckboy douchebag in the world. Some retards may call it a hoverboard, but since there are two wheels that touch the ground, it doesn't hover. Someone on a doucheboard may be

-Wearing a flat brim hat backwards
-Wearing those long shirts that go down to your thigh
-Wearing skinny jeans
-Wearing huge Nike high tops
-Making a
-Making a Vine
-Sending pictures of his tiny dick to girls twice his age on Snapchat
-Bringing cancer to all
"Hey, why's that douche on a segway without a handle? "
"It's called a doucheboard."
"Wow I think I'm gonna kill myself now"
by Papa Squirt July 24, 2016
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