When a douchebag gets ready for an evening out on the town he wants to smell his freshest. Nothing in his arsenal of body sprays, lotions, colognes, deodorants and the like are as important as his "douchebag febreeze", aka AXE BODY SPRAY. A douchebag will thoroughly saturate themself with their AXE BODY SPRAY; they cannot use a normal amount, as they don't think it will be enough to keep them fresh throughout the evening. This is to be applied right before walking out the door, as the smell needs to be as strong as possible for interaction with the ladies. If ever you find yourself getting a whiff of what smell like hugh hefners balls dipped in kerosene, watch out; there is a douchebag on the prowl. Run, fast and far.
brad--i need to smell fresh tonight bro

tj--use my axe body spray broski, there's half a bottle left, is that enough?

brad--i guess it will have to be brah spray my swoled up muscles down

brad & tj--(fist pumping) fresh to death!!!

-brad & tj walk into club-

sara--mmm do i smell douchebag febreeze? that's my kind of guy!!
by the stank pit January 14, 2013
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