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1.)A term relating to any person born within the United States or descending from Britain who usually flies an american flag on their car antenna and spends their entire life working for mega-losers who dont give raises and makes thirty times more money than the average douche-o-bot.

1.25) A right wing middle class american modern day slave

1.5)Referring to one who has innate robotic and automatic tendencies toward mental retardation, whose very breath causes extreme aggravation of the autonomic and sympathetic nerve cells of all others around them and... can still manage to be employed.

2.)An automatic retard who perpetually and consistently pisses people off to the point where they are lucky to be alive.

3.)A person of disturbed gender.
That bitch is still flappin her jaw.... i dun knocked her ass out thirty times already... she either brain dead or a complete douche-o-bot.

That douche-o-bot has been working at Micky-D's for over thirty years now! Wow... Superdouche!
by StellaGripsnatch November 05, 2011
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