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Most prominent in the emo culture, the douche swoop has also appeared more recently in hipster populations across the globe. A douche swoop is defined by the most decidedly douchey swoop of bangs that typically covers roughly 35% of afflicted faces. It is typically marked by incessant fiddling with and/or brushing of the bangs from the face. In extreme cases, violent tics of the head to remove said hair from the facial region are observed. Do not be misled, these tics are not typically a result of Tourette syndrome; nay, they are merely the effect of a douchey haircut, and in most cases, are representative of a douchey individual.
"That emo kid is moving up. He kicked the douche swoop and now thinks he's the Fonz, cause he's rockin a pompadour."

"That's it; get me the scissors, post haste. I cannot possibly watch that kid play with his douche swoop any longer. I'm going to cut it off."
by rhiannondale August 16, 2011
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