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A) Person who exceeds the average douche bag in his or her douchbagishness to a herculean degree.

B.) Solution to a situation in which the person you slept with is extremely likely to have an STD.
A.) You, sir, are a douch blimp.

B.) You, ma'am, are a (favorite or personalized adjective) douch blimp.

C.) What happened last night? Who was he? Oh my fucking fuck I dont need a bag but a blimp. A douche blimp.
by Nosie April 29, 2010
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The absolute epitome of being a rich cunt. There is a special place in Hell for those deemed doucheblimp by the general public. If you have earned the title of doucheblimp, you are not only wealthy, but an incredible snob about it.
Hey Beter, what's up? Oh not much Johnny, I'm just shredding Supreme shirts in my custom designer gold plated Gucci paper shredder. *Johnny chuckles* Oh Beter, you fucking doucheblimp.
by AIDS biscuit October 31, 2018
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