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a REALLY bad word! DO NOT say in public! It is a word whose meaning contains all the swears such as, fuck, shit, asshole, bitch, slut, whore, mother fucker etc.
Sally: Um, Anne... I'm sorry to tell you this but... Alanna kinda stole your boyfriend.
Anne: WHAT???!!! He said he loved me! We were so happy together! I hate Alanna! She's such a douchbagouche!!!!!
Sally: WOAH!!! ANNE! WTF! DON'T SAY THAT! IT'S NOT THAT BAD! Danny was a slut anyway. I'm telling your motther you said that.
Anne: NOOOOOO!!!! If you do she will DESINIGRATE ME!!!
by whome?yesyou! March 05, 2011
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