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n. referring to a person's name - usually their given name but possibly also their family name or stage name - that seems to be either a mispelling of another word or a homonym, to humorous effect
n. a mocking term for any name that seems to be "completely made up," or which is so far out of the mainstream as to be funny
n. a phrase used to point out someone else's misspelling, misapplication of a phrase or term, or literal or verbal slip-up
Winona and Bubba named their daughter Ontondra, after hearing someone use the term "double entendre," and thinking that it meant "a really smart thing to say." Her name was a mild double ontondra.

When Cece Peniston came on the television show, Beavis said, "I wonder if she wants to SEE SEE my PENIS-ton? Heh heh." She had an outrageous double ontondra.

How can parents give their children names that cause them such torment? Ada Dick was married to Harry Butts. Each of whom endured years of teasing for their double ontondra.
by Michael Gannett February 22, 2006
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