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the act of baking desserts (cookies, cake, brownies) while getting stoned.

Not only is the subject of the action getting baked, but they are also baking goodies to snack on (which all stoned people love). Thus, the subject is double baking. This act usually involves preheation.
Dude, I love going over to Riz's house for double baking. It's the only way to eat cookies.
by Kampfers July 24, 2012
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To listen to one's stereo while simultaneously lying on the couch watching television with the sound turned down.
This is based on the fact that those who simply lie on the couch watching TV are couch potatoes, therefore they must be "baking." It's even worse if they're doing two worthless things simultaneously: hence, they are "double baking."
It follows that they would be double baked couch potatoes for those who care.
"I was so bored that I got on the couch and spent the evening double baking with 'Seinfeld' and 'Exile on Main Street.'"
"Are you just gonna lie there double baking, or are you goin' with me to Joey's?"
by James J. Mitchell September 01, 2006
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the process of smoking marijuana while tanning.
doublebaking is a fun and productive activity.

we went to the beach, listened to music and doublebaked on the beach all fucking day. we were so highhh and tan when we left!!
by mhmmmmf421 August 11, 2009
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