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The exact date of the discovery of double dream hands is unknown but it is believed to have been initially observed late in the first decade of the second millennium. Whether double dream hands have always existed or were only recently developed by man is unknown; however, it has been ascertained that world-renowned choreographer John Jacobson was the first (And so far only) person to master the maneuver.

Double dream hands is a dance move whose power is equivalent to 3.2 Kamehameha waves. Scanners typically read John Jacobson's power level as well over 9000. While the move may appear to be rather straightforward, this deception is all a part of the double dream hands's true power. It is recommended that one attain at least a 3rd-degree black belt in Choreography before attempting the maneuver as there have been cases of less well-trained dancers being killed by its might. An alternative is to attempt the single dream hand, however the force of this move pales in comparison to its doubled relative.
"Shoulder! Chin! Shoulder shoulder shoulder! Double dream hands!" - John Jacobson
by Planet Rock December 15, 2010
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