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A character on the popular show "Ed Edd n Eddy" who most likely has the most fangirls in the world. I should know. I was one.
Double Dee wears a black hat (what's under it, nobody knows), redish orange shirt, and purple shorts. He is a scientific genius, and an obediant little teacher's pet. He enjoys learning and researching.
He also enjoys entomology, the study of insects.
Double Dee is forced to help Eddy with his "scams", so that they will succeed. Double Dee is the only reason that some of them come close to succeeding. Without him, Eddy's ideas would be just that: ideas. Double Dee invents things that help out.

He is the only one of the three Eds that doesn't have a sibling.

He has multiple *freaky* shrine sites dedicated to him, including a part of the Ed Zone.
Double Dee, that's so cute!

~That episode with the middle name theme.
by GalaxyDancer May 01, 2005
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Otherwise known as a dumbass douchebag. These type of people are the type known for holding an heir of arrogance for minimal accomplishments.
Daniel is a douchebag that works for star$$. In fact, his tight apron and multiple "partner of the month" pins qualify him as a double dee douchbag.
by starbucks rogue April 29, 2007
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