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A woman that has had to many men and children.

A woman who has had slept with many black men, more than any porn star actress.

A prank usually given to any woman that has had to much to drink in one night and passes out.

The passed out victim, usually is given 2 - 12 ounce cans, one vaginally and in the anus. Then followed by a layer of tape, like a thong and then again like her underwear in, to hold everything until, the victim wakes up. When the victim walks around, causing them to walk funny. the victim must find a way to remove the tape, then the cans, either in a hospital, or at home.
Dude1: That chick has had two cases of beer, and is about ready to pass out.
Dude2: lets get her a double can heater.
by truckem September 17, 2012
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