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A woman who is passionate, loyal, and creative. Someone who often works to hard but doesn't mind because their desire to take care of loved ones is of utmost importance. These creative people may get lost in their head dreaming up their next project. While they are extremely talented, Dorvonda's are extremely humble and seem to be unaware of their own capabilities. Sometimes these dreamers just need a little nudge to believe in themselves again. They are literary geniuses and have an endless pool of knowledge on random topics. In relationships, Dorvonda's always place their partners needs before their own. These women are selfless, but still demand respect from others. The main way to break a Dorvonda's trust is to make them feel as though they are being taken advantage of.
Look at that Dorvonda's latest book, it's a masterpiece.
by mynameisnotyellowbone December 06, 2015
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