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(dork-yuh-ler –adjective
Grammar: the superlative of dorky.

1. the condition of being thoroughly, supremely and extremely socially inept, silly, clumsy.
2. not seeking or oblivious to popularity or peer approval.
3. driven by an unusual interest to the point of seeming odd to most everyone else.
4. the highest kind, quality, or order of dork, surpassing all else or others;
5. a state in itself; utmost degree of quirky or bookish nonsocial autonomy.
6. characterized by intelligence-driven single-mindedness that results in social disconnection.
7. comprised of minute compartments or cavities of dorkiness. (portmanteau: dorky & cellular)
"Using paper clips as hair barrettes is dorkular."

"She has a dorkular obsession with words."

"...clueless to what looks cool, totally dorkular."

"There were these dorkular streamers on the bicycle."

"He was wearing dorkular glasses fixed with tape."

by Vanna Bonta January 18, 2008
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