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Someone who's voice is exactly like yours.
That wasn't me you heard. It must have been my dopplergänger.
by Quack Man 54 May 18, 2016
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A gangbang in which the majority of the participants are meteorologists.
I had a dopplergänger with Hurricane Schwartz, Sue Serio and Rob Guarino.
by Mike Morrison April 03, 2007
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to recieve oral sex while taking a dump, while also smoking a cig. and drinking a beer
i came home from work, lit a cig, got a cold beer, then went into the bathroom to take a dump...while taking a dump my girl friend gave me a blow job. i recieved a doppler ganger and loved every minute of it!
by boc January 16, 2007
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A person who looks exactly like you and can predict the weather.
Mallory: Erin, I saw your doppleganger last night. She told me we'd have sunny skies tomorrow.

Erin: That was not in fact my doppleganger, but my very own dopplerganger!
by Fern Computron February 11, 2011
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