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A person with the same name as you.

Would be out side of your direct line ancestry, so not including juniors, II, III etc.
John Smith #1: Hey my name is John Smith.

John Smith #2: Hey so is mine.

John Smith #1: You are my doppelnamer.

John Smith #2: Wow so are you.

John Smith #1: I'm trippin' out.

John Smith #2: So am I.

John Smith #1: What if we built a tribe of John Smith?

John Smith #2: Perhaps we should call it a clan.

John Smith #1: Do you think our cognitive processes will merge at the quantum level?
by pixelmonger January 09, 2012
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When two people share the same name
Man 1: "Hey name is John Smith!"
Man 2: "Hey name is John Smith too!"
Both: "Whoa! We're Doppelnamer's!"
by doppeldave August 15, 2019
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