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A dope bitch is "dope". She has it all, the whole package, looks, talent, smarts, wit, and attitude. She is hated by other bitches i.e. basic bitches, bad bitches etc. cuz they want what she got. Men fall at her feet then hate themselves for loving her. She's dope cuz she's addictive, just like dope. She is a trendsetter and a leader and doesn't fall for shit including getting played. She'll play you like a fiddle and you'll come running back for more. She will fight but only for a passionate cause. It doesn't matter if she's a tomboy or a girly girl she owns her femininity and wears it well. She loves herself and is true to herself. Someone you want to be around. She can be down for a serious convo or a raucious party or a quiet walk on the beach. she is adaptable and flexible but likes her own way.
Damn that girl is such a dope bitch shes got everything you look for
by Joernie C August 25, 2014
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