scrolling the internet incessantly looking for content to share about the pandemic, often spreading misinformation and shock value content
“She’s been doom surfing for the last 12 hours
by ashainova March 30, 2020
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1) When are on the borderline of being destroyed by a wall of doom caused by a meteor in the first level of the internet game "Dino Run"

2) A spin-off of the word from Dino Run, means that you are on the borderline of being involved in a huge failure

In both cases "Doom Surfing" can be an exciting time, if the participating party (or dinosaur) doesn't get caught up. When one is caught by the wall of doom, than he loses (applies to live as well)
Dood 1: Man, I was playing Dino Run at like 3 A.M.
Dood 2: Nice, I bet you were riding the Mind Zone pretty hard.
Dood 1: Hells to the yeah bro, i was doom surfing for like 60 seconds.

Dood 1: Man, I gotta D- in this class
Dood 2: Dood, you should do some work, the teachers knows you're doom surfing.
by Two-Thousand and DREW April 12, 2010
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