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One who goes to the bathroom and doesn't wipe their butt. Thus leaving dookie on their butt. Therefore they are a dookiebutt.
1) A: Ewww, what's that smell?

B: Oh sorry I'm a dookiebutt.

2) A: I heard Jeff doesn't wipe his butt.

B: Wow, what a dookiebutt.
by Ayo d00d January 10, 2012
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When after a long night of partying you go to the bathroom the next morning and your butt explodes into the toilet causing nasty toilet water to come splash your underside... That my friend is dookie butt...
there really isnt an example.... you get splashed, you got dookie butt!
by CJRBETZ February 04, 2010
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Any girl that you can, want, or need to fuck. It does not matter what occasion; whether that be your girlfriend, friend, or just some bitch you met at the club. No matter what, you can not judge someone's dookie butt. As the saying goes, "dookie butt is dookie butt".
"Dude, Kameron, are you getting any dookie butt tonight?" ~Asker
"Yeah man, this is the easiest dookie butt I've ever had!" ~Answerer
by Khax May 20, 2010
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