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Extremely bad breath. Breath so hot it melts your eyelids. Another name for halitosis.
"Man, that chick I just tried to holler at has some SERIOUS dookie breath.
by LushisKandy April 04, 2008
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Dookie breath is when peoples breath just smells bad whether they brush their teeth or not. For some, toothpaste makes it worse.

Eating ass and not brushing your teeth
Betty: Hey gurl!

Smeller: Oooooh Hey gurl (To self: Dayum this broad breath smells like she been eating dookie for breakfast, lunch and dinner with her dookie breath).

Betty: Wanna kick it with us tonight at the Hole?

Smeller: Naw gurl I got a prior engagement (I couldn't take this SHIT for more than 10 seconds of talking to her) maybe next time!!!
by Neetles December 10, 2009
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