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www.DontClick.IT !!!!!
DontClick.IT is an absolutely brilliant site that explores the possibility of a click-free interface and it does it very well. A must see for every user interface/usability expert ........When I first heard about the site on BBC's clickonline, I surely didn't expect the project to be so well developed. Everything is explained really well and there are more general sections like for example the history of the click (learn >> The Click History), that are definitely a good and interesting read.....The site's technology also allows the developers to keep statistics that will inform them about how many users can actually resist clicking while visiting the site........
"We do not only record the site visits. With every visit the first click that happened will be recorded as well. The relationship between these two numbers tells us, whether people can resist to click within this interface, or, if they just click the next thing that looks like a button because they are determined by their clicking habits".
by Linkin Park September 22, 2005
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