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origin: doncaster, south yorkshire, united kingdom
a sexual act performed on a female.

how to give her a 'donny shocker'

basically you use pretty much your entire hand, move it towards the vagina as if about to shake hands, then arrange your hands as follows:

"one on the clit, three in the slit and one in the shit" once you have the correct hand posture - move hand back and forth until satisfaction is achieved
when seeing a chav girl say to mate "bet she's 'ad a donny shocker"
by uchiha madara May 28, 2009
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To place the hand in a two pronged attack.
With two fingers each side (similar to the star trek hand manuvour)
Then insert the fingers into the vagina and anal hole at the same time!
If lubrication is not used it is known as the: dry donny shocker!
this can be a sneak approch or during sex?? ur preferance
granville shocked the barnsley girl in the bus stop!
welcoming her with a donny shocker
by LeeD88 November 15, 2006
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