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The sexy,hot girl in town. Guys look at her ass like...OMFG....although she is a dam bitch she is gorgeous, beautiful and gentle! She is full of energy and Caryzness! You need an Donnja as a friend because she just makes everyone feel comfortable and valued! She's not only a great friend but an evan better girlfriend! She is loving romantic but can be serious when needed. (not shy at all)

An Donnja is not very tall, has brow wavy hair and has the most gorgeous a´smile you have aver seen! When you look at her you get addicted....her eyes are so beautiful and you just want to kiss her cherry lip gloss coated lipgloss! I LOVE YOU DONNJA!!!!!
Donnja: Hey Jonny how are you? (she winks with her eye)
Jonny: Fine you (wink)
Donnja: The math test was so hard!
Jonny: Hey what about we study tgether for the next one?
Donnja: Did you acctualy wanna say "You wanna go to the cinma with me sometime?"
Jonny: No.....just math hard
Donnja: Well if you did want to say that my answer would have been yes! (Turns around and walks away)
Jonny: (runs after her) Hey, you wanna go to the cinema with me someday?
Donnja: No....Just kidding! Off course sexy! See you at 8:30 tmmorow your house! see you then (walks away)

Damian: Hey were you just talking to Donnja
Jonny: Ja....I have a date with her tomorrow...
Damian: WHAT!!!! OMG!!!!!!
by 1 <3 girls!!!!!!!!!! November 21, 2012
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