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phenotic spelling (dong-kee kɔŋ-ing)


The act of lifting an empty keg above one's head, and pursing a busy section of a party with it in the previously stated position. If one so desires they may also choose to throw the keg from this position at the person who tapped the keg (for they are the kremlin.)


Donkey Kong--who paid 5 dollars to get into a house party--became enraged when he found that the person in front of him had tapped the keg-- after realizing this, his first impulse was to chase the kremlin with the keg raised high above his head, in hopes to assault the beast.

a formal thanks must be given to a friend-Tony-who first successfully completed the action.
John: Shit man where'd the keg go.

Steve: Dude, Paul ran off donkey kongin' that shit to get that fuckin' kremlin Dan.

John: Oh word? He's totally fucked.
by Joe and Walsh (BU) December 31, 2009
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When you stick your hand in your butt and fart then slap keric lickerman in the face
"Hey Keric, shut up before I start donkey kongin' you".
by daggercracker November 23, 2009
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