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Just like a bongrip, but you're taking a long pull from someone's dong instead of a bong. That is to say, cocksucking.
Those gay guys who live next door took dongrips off each other last night - I could hear them.
by Krackistan October 19, 2006
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it is when you are so high that you mistake your friends dick for a bong and you try to take a hit off of it.
man last night was horrible evan did a dong rip, what a bitch.
by dsavage January 07, 2010
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When you are trying to abstain from smoking weed but you Jones for a bong hit and so to fill that need to hold a loaded bong in one hand and looking at it longingly while you suck a dogs dick.
"Dude, I've got a pee test coming up so I've switched to taking Dong rips."

Did you hear about Kevin? Dude's been doing too many dong rips the ASPCA is bringing up charges.
by $100 bill September 30, 2019
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