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A maneuver in which a person's two hands are pressed together with the palms toward eachother. The forefingers and middle fingers are pressed together and extended forward as if gesturing like a gun, the ring fingers are intertwined and closed over the opposing knuckle and the pinkies pressed together and extended in the same fashion as the top two fingers. The thumbs are folded, one over the other. Whichever thumb lies on top indicates "right" or "left" dong chang dominance.

This jesture is used both during sex to up the ante, if you will, of the "two in the pink, one in the stink" maneuver on a woman as it provides additional stability and thrusting power.

It has also been used without the extended pinkies as a fighting style while horsing around with friends to give them a good goose.
Sexual: "I dong changed my girlfriend last night and she totally got off!"

Horseplay: "Whoa, watch out or Perky will dong chang you when you aren't looking."
by Von Pedro November 29, 2007
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