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A symptom of non-specific or unknown origin accompanied by significant impairment or sudden unconsciousness.

Can also be used as a non-descript explanation in order to hide any illegal act that may have resulted in the medical condition.

This can be the result of any illness, drug induced state, alcoholism, assault or accident.

May show up on Ambulance Incident Reports as the diagnosis.
When the ambulance arrived the paramedics asked regarding an unconscious person and what happened. The person on the scene states. β€œDon't know, she just done fell out.”

When the police arrived and found a man unconscious with a bump on the head of the victim, they asked a nearby bystander who was holding a club, what happened. His response was "It was wierd, he just done fell out."

When rushed into the hospital, the nurse asked the brother of the patient, was she taking drugs before she fell unconcious. The brother answers, β€œNawh, it aint like dat, she don fell out, tszhall.”

An elderly woman was found sitting incoherent on the ground surrounded by onlookers. When questioned, the group each answered the question of what happened using done-fell-out as a verb in a sentence. "We was walkin back from the grocery store (mini market), an ah the woman, well she done fell out, an then the guy came to help.
by Yehoshua611 October 16, 2007
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