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You decided that today would be the day. You had nothing else to do - no responsibilities to adhere to, so you decided that today would be the day that you spent wasting your time on Urban Dictionary searching random stuff. The obvious stuff first, 'dirty sanchez,' 'alabama hot pocket,' and searching your name to see what comes up. Then you thought you'd search celebrities to see the opinions of them. Hillary Clinton's top definition calls here "Hitlery!" Justin Bieber's top definition calls him a "blonde hair brown eyed skater faggot!"

So, you decide that you'd search maybe the most controversial man to ever live - Donald Trump. Whether you think he is the human embodiment of everything wrong with the world or an anti-PC, anti-SJW, and anti-couth genius, you know it's gonna be good. You're searching it, but your fingers tremble with excitement and instead of a T, you write a Y.

And you get this definition. You're welcome.
Donald Trump is here > Donald Trump
If you wasted your time reading all of this, I can only say sorry. SYKE! IT'S YOUR FAULT FOR SEARCHING DONALD YRUMP!
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