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A ship name between the YouTuber IISuperwomanII, or Lilly Singh, and dancer/YouTuber Dtrix, or Dominic Sandoval. You can often find edits of this ship on Instagram or Twitter, and find fan fictions about them on Wattpad. These are usually made by accounts that are fans of Lilly, Dom, or both. There was a time where fans were almost positive they were dating, as they would often hang out at each other’s houses, collab, and kiss in almost every collaboration they did. Fans were sad to see the ship go when there was almost obvious evidence that Dominic started dating Bethany Mota, another YouTuber. The ship of Domilly had officially died by January 2018.
Person 1: I ship domilly so much. I wish they would just date already.

Person 2: that ship is dead now.
by Clorox Bleach 123 May 29, 2018
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