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1. Term used in Halo 3 to describe a player's head.
2. Gamertag of the sick former Halo 3 player 'DOMEFACE'

dome (with emphasis on the long 'oh' sound)
face (with major emphasis on the long 'ay' sound)
* 'Domeface' is often yelled jokingly after 4 shotting nubs with the BR.

Originating in the dangerous suburbs of Berkeley, CA, 'domeface' was invented by the roommate of Halo player Brightside318 after mishearing the word 'domepiece' from former Halo player TheMrMagenta. The roommate eventually used the term as his gamertag - he is currently retired...for now.
1. "Oh son, that nigga just got raped in the domeface."
2. "Dude DOMEFACE is on our team"
3. "Wtf, 16 double kills?! - damn DOME, how do you roll like that?"
4. "Going +67 on Neutral Assault on Valhalla is impossible dude." - "No mang, I seen it! Some crazy nigga called DOMEFACE."
5. "So what'd you do this weekend Arthur?" - "Oh nothing, I just stayed home and pwn'd bitches in the DOOOMEFAAAYYCE!" - "You do that a lot don't you?" - "All day son, ALL DAY!"
by BuShi Jen June 16, 2008
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you guessed it, the face one makes when preparing to give some mad dome. shaped like an circle, or occasionally an oval depending on the customer. Dome faces are usually brought out during dome time
whats up bitches?! time to put your dome face on, cause its DOME TIME!
by Dome Timer July 30, 2006
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