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(UK slang)a lazy fecker that refuses to work but claims state handouts instead.
by casey kocknobber June 11, 2003
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Adj. Derogatory Term:

Someone who claims DSS benefits whilst sitting on their asses all day, and watching bad daytime TV, hooked up to the satelite dish that they got to keep their 9 kids quiet... And living off a diet of Kebab (see Yakult) Super-Lager and Trisha on channel 5.

See : Greenock, Gippo
1.) Son - "Haw, Maw, I wannae go tae college an become a
pure mad rocket scientist an' that...
Whit dae ye hink Maw?

Mother - "Naw, ya pure maddie... You're gonnae be
Dolescum just like yer Da!
...Get yer arse doon the buroo tae sign
oan ya wee scumbag!"
by Scott Kerr March 14, 2006
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An Unemployed Waster Who is workshy.Would rather bleat on about how good Glasgow Rangersor glasgow celtic are than actually get off his Fat arse and Support his Bitch and tribe of Kids.
see Glasgowsoap dodger
'' Hey Scott ya wee dolescum fucker,Stop bein such
A wan Kerr and get a life!''
by Aye Yer Maw April 12, 2006
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A person who has temporarily escaped wage slavery and is enjoying leisure time and tax refunds during which time they can achieve more useful social and personal goals than cubihell, such as writing a book or performing voluntary work.
Ed's just had his redundancy notice, so he's Dole Scum T minus 28.
by Arjunanatha February 18, 2009
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