I have no idea of the origins of this word, so my understanding of it may be wrong, but where I come from its a phrase that means you're so completely tired that you're over tired or totally beat. I can only hguess its a reference to the fact that a lot of dogs seem to sleep a lot and thus appear to always be tired and in need of sleep.
I pulled a double shift last night and when I got home the neighbours were having a rowdy party with loud music and I couldn't get any decent sleep. I am already dog tired and I have another double shift tomorrow.
by PlaceHolder August 12, 2004
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Really, really tired. Especially after having completely expended yourself. Dead on your feet. So tired you just can't.
After a 16 hour flight and an 8 hour work day, Sandra is so dog ass tired that she fell asleep in the middle of eating dinner.
by celebrityguesteditor June 5, 2019
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After our week in Nola during Mardis Gras we were all eaten up with dog ass tired.
by MsJxn2DC February 11, 2018
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