A dodge cummins is american as fuck used by real people who want to roll coal and make torque
Did you see him rolling coal in that dodge cummins he american
by Olblue24v November 22, 2016
The baddest and most powerful diesel engine and truck on the road. If you drive Powerstroke or duramax your either gay or.......gay

"If your not first your last"
Pulls up to restaurant in 24valve 5.9 dodge cummins gets out. Ford powerjoke pulls up. " look at that gayfer I bet he has a micro willy"
by y4b0i March 15, 2022
A peice of shit, usually purchased because of lack of a big penis or sex life, mostly purchased for bragging and for guys who have a small reproductive organ.
Damn, Skylers dodge ram cummins is in the shop already with a bad tranny the kid just got it a week ago!
by Rosedale Technician January 5, 2012