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To toss/drop a beer glass over the side of a balcony on pub customers below, esp. if this results in injuries downstairs. May be accidental, but strictly speaking is intended to provide a pretext for the dropper to come downstairs, claim to be upset, and escalate the punch-up. From the stunt pulled by Francis Begbie in the 1996 classic movie, Trainspotting. At its classiest when the glass is thrown nonchalantly over the shoulder, like a pinch of salt.
That fellah over there with the scars down one side of his face is leaning over the rail with his Erdinger glass in one hand and has a look of sick anticipation in his eyes. I suspect he may be about to do a Begbie on the broad with the big boobs and the red T-shirt.
by Fearman April 10, 2008
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