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Describes the mentality that some teens have in terms of receiving whatever they desire effortlessly. This is commonly found among spoiled children, teen sloths, and unmotivated, bitchy people.

Important to note that while not having to lift a finger, many with this mentality will complain, try win-lose bargaining, or self-pity to obtain what they desire.

Parents/guardians often fall in these forms of conflicts. If not dealt with early, this mentality will remain with the individual for many years.
1.) Pat is irresponsible, bad in school, and an overall ass, but his parents get him whatever because he complains like a little bitch, i.e. a "do nothin', get everythin" tactic.

2.) Marina gets whatever she wants, but if she is rejected something that she clearly has not earned, she'll promise to do chores. Because of her "do nothin', get everythin'" mentality, she does not fulfill that promise down the line.
by lastray February 03, 2011
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