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Another way of saying "brand new" as in annoyingly green. To be a greenhorn, amateurs, inexperienced, novice, etc. to the point of dislike by others. I a social setting a shiny person (brand new) would be ostrcized because they do not know what they are talking about, pretends to do so. The shiny person would view the conversation too esoteric for their own good, yet attempts to join in anyway.
"You know I'm gonna bring that fire at the party tonight." said Alfredo to Adam.

Adam reponds, "some of that sticky icky? Fu sho! I thought you where gonna bring that shwag shit."

"Do I look shiny to you? Of course I'm gonna bring the bomb shit!"

In which juaqin tries to join in the conversation as well as the event says, "can I come? I have matches dipped in honey."

Alfredo and Adam both look at each other and say in tandem, "this nigga's hella shiny!"
by Mauflo98 November 01, 2015
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