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Dlyssa is a girl who had a kind heart and a great personality. When you are feeling down, she will brighten you up and make your day. She is smart, pretty and tries to be perfect in any way. Even though sometimes she may be rude when she is angry, she will cool down and continue to be cheerful. She can also become a leader if she try hard. You will never regret meeting her! But if you miss her, don't fret. Just think of her continuously as you will only be able to see her once in a while! 😊😊
#girl #perfect #greatpersonality

Person 1: Who is that? She seems really kind and awesome!

Person 2: Oh her? Her name is Dlyssa! She is the bestest friend I've ever seen in my entire life! You should be friends with her. She is perfect!
by Jolie Wong Jing En September 04, 2017
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She is a fantastic girl. She will liven up your spirits when you are feeling down. She can also be very talanted and will try to help you whenever anything bad happens to her loved ones and close friends. She is born a leader and can make new friends instantly. Although she can become rude when she is angry sometimes, she will be able to cool down really fast. She also has a great personality and will never forget to be there for you. If you missed someone like her, just think about her. She will come to you one day. Her personality is very rare and it would be quite impossible to find someone like her. So treasure your moments with her as she is very rare. She can also be very cute, intelligent, pretty, friendly, fun and she can also be your everything. She can be a perfect person if you take care and treasure her with the bottom of your heart.
#girl #greatpersonality #pretty #cute #smart

Person 1: Who is she? She seems very friendly and fun! I hope I can be her friend. It's a pity I don't know her.

Person 2: Oh her? She is my bestest friend I've ever had in my life! You should be friends! Her name is Dlyssa! She is perfect for you! Come follow me!
by Jolie Wong Jing En September 04, 2017
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