There are many other names for ditlers e.g. boobs, breasts, tits, diddies, bazookas, jugs. Basically ditlers are the female lumps on their chest.
Bob: "Jordan has very big ditlers."
Dylan: "Yes, the size of those bazookas are unreal. They must be like Z's or something."
by BoblinaJolie April 3, 2009
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Jonathan aka-Rohhsk or SincerelyRohh on xbox. also means pedofile
Jonathan is a ditler, don’t talk to him.
by Thuds May 23, 2022
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A neonazistic maniac who thinks he's a wolf
Wow, look A neonazistic maniac who thinks he's a wolf, what a Ditler!
by Melkvatje May 15, 2017
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