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The loss of all common since. To where someone thinks they are in a dominant position/person, won an argument, could do something if they wanted to when you know for a fact that they are wrong. Studies show that it is most common in women who, for some unknown reason believe that because we ignore them that they succeeded in winning the argument completely obliviant to the fact we don't want to hear their crap and ignore them, and will say anything to shut them up.
mary: your husband listens so well and doesn't even argue with you!

diane: yea, i had to let him know where he belongs in this relationship he understands now that i wear the pants

(side conversation)

brad: ha is this true man?

rod: hell no! the bitch is suffering from that dissolutions of grandeur again, i'll do anything to shut her up!
by lilr8716125 December 07, 2010
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