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(inspired by the term dissociation). Many people have experienced the situation in which you tell whoever your texting or chatting with that you’re “going to bed”, but in reality you’ll be on your phone scrolling through social media or watching Netflix. Though you are not replying to messages or snaps, you still partake in micro-communications such as liking and retweeting the posts of others. The reason one would do this would be to have to time to yourself before actually heading to bed. However, though one can infer this simply because they’ve done this themselves, it’d be more clear and beneficial to have an actual word for this. By telling others that you are going to go “dissocialate”, people will instantly know likely respect what you want to go do, completely ridding the potentiality of people assuming otherwise and calling you out for being on social media despite telling them you’d be doing something else.
Night guys! I'm gonna go dissocialate. See you tomorrow!
by limabeens September 13, 2018
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