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Not imprisoning slaves, but letting them live anywhere they choose, knowing that the need to feed themselves will force them to find a job, and that their need to find a better job will get them to attend school. Then hiring them, paying them a regular salary, giving them health insurance so they will not break down, and giving them 2-weeks vacation so they will rest and recuperate. Then have the TV ads convince them to buy a car to get to work, a house to live in, and other things to live better, to all along exploiting their labor as the masters did on the plantations. Disguised slavery is the spine of a system called 'human farming' and is sinonimous with 'salaried slavery.' Though some see it as unfair, it may be the only way for society to function and thrive.
Though in reality they are salaried slaves and victims of the 'human farming' system, convinced by the media and their friends—because they echo what the media tells them, my neighbors diligently drive to work and back home from Monday to Friday and rest on the weekend to prepare for another round of 9 to 5. Thought disguised slavery is an imperfect lifestyle because it's victims—or if you see their lifestyle in a positive light you may want to call them practitioners or participants instead—are not free to fully develop themselves because their time is taken producing goods or serving clients. As imperfect as the disguised slaver system may be, it appears to be the only way for society to operate and thrive.
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by Spot Tricks January 23, 2018
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